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STi Free Phone Card

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STi Free

$20 STi Free Image


  • PINless Dialing
  • Local & Toll-Free Access
  • Exceptionally Low Rates


Card Details for $20 STi Free

Connection Fee   No
Billing Increments   3 Minute Rounding
Maintenance Fee   69 weekly
Carrier Service Fee   28% deducted after each call
Payphone Fee   90 per call
Card Expiration   90 days after the first use of this card
Customer Service Number   1-800-470-1983
Access Number   1-800-470-1981
Spanish: 1-800-470-1982
Local Access Number   1-617-861-4400
Spanish: 1-617-861-4401
Rechargeable PIN   No
PINLess Dialing   No
Network Services   Provided by STi
Additional Information
Does this Card Work from Alaska: No
Hawaii: No
Canada: No
Can I Call International Cell Phones? Typically, calls to international cellular phones are billed at a different rate per minute than to a landline. Please verify all rates before making your purchase.
Note: Application of surcharges and fees will have the effect of reducing total minutes actually received on the card from the minutes announced.
Additional Money Saving Tips
Maximize Your Minutes Buy a smaller denomination, and use the entire card in one call.
Buy in Bulk Instantly receive 5% off purchases of $40 or more
Receive 10% off orders of $150 - $499.



Wold Travel Calling Cards

MCI World Traveler $100

Call back to the U.S. from more than 130 countries worldwide.

  • Call back to the U.S. from U.S. Military Bases worldwide for 6.1?/min.

  • Calls made to/from Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, & the US Virgin Islands billed at the same rate as the Continental USA - 6.1?/min.
  • No connection fee, maintenance fees or other taxes.
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